Care for elementary school pupils

Care for elementary school pupils
To school children and their parents we provide the following services and support in management of various education-related problems:

  • Support in management of educational difficulties (related to unbalanced development of cognitive prerequisites, lower level of cognitive prerequisites, specific learning disabilities, specific behavioural disorders, personality traits and other developmental dissimilarities)
  • Support in management of behavioural problems (related to behavioural disorders or current or long-term unfavourable situation in the family)
  • Career advisory (prior to finishing elementary school, assessment of study prerequisites for studies at classical grammar school (8 year studies), assessment of eligibility for selected study orientation, resp. transfer to other type of school)
  • Support in management of adaptation and interpersonal relations among class peers (relationship mapping among classmates and following courses and tutoring focused on building a healthy social climate in the class and prevention of bullying)
  • Care for gifted students (talent identification, counselling for parents, advisory on individual educational plan)