pre-school care

To pre-school children (3+) and their parents we provide the following psychological and special-pedagogical services:

  • Assessment of developmental stage of the child
  • Assessment of laterality (“right-handedness” or “left-handedness”)
  • Assessment of school readiness (incl. elaboration of expert opinion – recommendation of postponement of compulsory schooling, recommendation for assignment to special educational facility)
  • Support in management of adaptation problems experienced at pre-school
  • Support in management of emotional and behavioural problems in the family and at pre-school facility
  • Support in development of specific skills and abilities (e.g. graphomotor skills, numerical abilities and skills, auditory and visual perception, visuomotorics, spatial
    orientation, speech (except. logopedic re-training)), special-pedagogical stimulation in form of individual or group sessions for pre-school children.