Services to teachers and schools

  • Counselling services and tutorials – direct, by e-mail or phone regarding educational or behavioural problems if requested by a teacher or a parent
  • Information and methodological support – courses and trainings for teachers, special-pedagogical (or psychological) advisory regarding scheduling individual educational plans (for students with special needs) methodological supervision of school psychologists, special pedagogists or prevention methodologists.

In our collaboration with schools we pursue the following principles:

  • Individual approach – one psychologist and one special pedagogist assigned to each school within the counselling centre (not to be mistaken with the school psychologist or school special pedagogist who work directly at the school).
  • Close contact with school counselling centres – and their educational counsellor, school prevention methodologist, resp. school psychologist or special pedagogist.
  • Personal visits to schools – apart from standard written or telephonic contact during the school year, our psychologists and special pedagogists visit their entrusted schools several times each year.
  • Direct collaboration with teachers – while managing some situations, our psychologists and special pedagogists collaborate directly with school´s teachers (based on mutual agreement with the parents) in form of telephonic tutorials, personal visits, observations in lessons or preventive programmes with the class.

    For our psychologists and special pedagogists, the knowledge of environment of each school is very helpful while working with their clients, especially for decoding the cause and nature of the problem, as well as while seeking and implementing the solution.