About us

  • Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling Centre of Brno, funded organization (PPP Brno) is an independent school counselling facility with legal subjectivity. It was founded by the Regional Authority of the Southmoravian Region.
  • The principal activities of PPP Brno are assessment and diagnostics, counselling and interventional care, prevention and education.
  • PPP Brno disposes of expert counselling centre at Sládkova Street in Brno, specialized in prevention of risk phenomena such as experimenting and abuse of addictive substances or issues of inter-personal relationships pathology in children and youth. Among our clients, there are parents, teachers and public.
  • The counselling centre provides services to children, pupils and students since the age of 3 until the end of their secondary education, their parents, teachers and schools within the regions of Brno-city and Brno-province.
  • The counselling services are free of charge (except selected accredited courses or methodical materials).
  • The services are defined by the Education Act No. 563/2004 Coll. And the Decree of Ministry of Education No. 72/2005 Coll. and its legal amendments.
  • The organization currently disposes of six centres and 62 employees.
  • The organization effectuates more than 15.000 sessions in its centres annually.
  • There is a more than 40 years long tradition of service in our counselling centre therefore the grandparents of our current clients might have been clients of our centre in their childhood as well.