How to schedule an appointment

Applications can be submitted via telephone, written request or in person. Applications on behalf of minors must be filed by their legal representative. Students 18+ are required to file a request on their own behalf. Applications are processed by counselling centre´s social workers.

Required information:

  • Basic personal data (name, contact address…)
  • Whether, resp. in which year the child has been previously assessed
  • Whether the child had undergone any psychological, special pedagogical or other
    expert assessment (by other facility)
  • Reason of your application for assessment
  • Don´t be afraid to describe the problem in your own words. This kind of description is usually much more explicit than trying to find an official term.

No medical recommendation, neither petition by your school is necessary. In case the child is experiencing difficulties at school, asking your school to provide a filled in questionnaire for schools may be helpful.