July 20 to August 14 will be open only departmen Zachova. Mo-Fri from 8 am to 2 pm.

Other departmens will be closed.

We are open again.

Dear clients,
in line with the schedule for the release of measures in education, we would like to inform you about the opening of workplaces to the public on 11.5. 2020. http://www.msmt.cz/harmonogram-uvolnovani-opatreni-v-oblasti-skolstvi

Before visiting the PPP, please read carefully a follow the information provided bellow.

The information / instructions are based on the recommended hygienic measures and the rules of operation of school counseling facilities (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports ref. 17517 / 2020-1), which require a change in the PPP regime.
1. If you or your child has or has had any form, symptoms of respiratory disease, cough or fever in the last 14 days, have been in contact with a person at risk of COVID-19, stay at home / do not enter the building and contact us by phone or email.
2. The child, pupil, student should be accompanied to the examination by only 1 legal representative, other persons are recommended to stay outside the PPP premises.
3. Please bring your own stationery for yourself and the child, pupil, student – an ordinary pencil for a child, pen for an adult (to sign documents with). Disposable tissue for children and, if necessary (for younger children) a toy, a game – they are not available in waiting rooms, where there is also limited traffic od people; and a drink.
4. PPP workplaces can only be entered with a face mask/cover (or other appropriate protective equipment – covering mouth and nose), proper use is required at all times.
The child, pupil, student will have his or her face mask/cover available for the entire duration of the examination, he / she should also have to bring a spare one and a bag for storing used face mask/cover, or used tissue, napkins.
5. After announcing his / her arrival by ringing at the entrance door – the legal representative / adult client is informed where he / she will go specifically in the building (which floor, which proffesional) and is then admitted to the building. Please enter individually.
6. After entering the PPP workplace, all clients and their companions please first disinfect their hands.
Hand disinfectants are also available for other needs, detergents are available for use on the sanitary facilities marked for clients.
7. The legal representative (e.g. parent) / adult client will follow the instructions of the PPP staff, posted measures.

Further informations:
Clients are invited for the appointment at various intervals to minimize their direct contact with each other, to prevent the accumulation of people and to instruct are designed to restrict free movement in the building.

We recommend waiting outside the PPP premises or in the premises designated by a PPP worker in order to minimize contact with other clients.

Meetings of higher number of people (clients) in the PPP building and waiting rooms are not permitted. The use of waiting rooms is limited.

Please adhere to the exact time of the invitation. In case the time is not kept, we reserve the right to postpone the deadline.

If you are unable to attend the appointment, please contact us.

If the reason for your request has passed/is not valid anymore, please also inform us.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Mgr. Libor Mikulášek
Director of PPP Brno