Assessment at Counselling Centre prior to secondary school Leaving exam

 Assessment prior to Leaving exam (Maturitní zkouška – MZ)

The assessment is intended for students with handicap, impairment or disability. (see The education Act No. 561/2004 Coll., DECREE defining the conditions of graduation from secondary schools in form of a Leaving exam (Maturitní zkouška) for details)
The assessment can be taken at any time of the year. However, it is recommendable to schedule an appointment for the assessment during the course of the second semester of the previous school year (3
rd year of secondary school or 1st year of two-year higher vocational studies, or in September of the final school year at the latest) due to the term of presentation of the application for adjustment of conditions of the Leaving exam for which the expert opinion is needed.
In case the Leaving exam is scheduled to be taken within the
spring term, the expert opinion is due to be submitted by December 1st of the final school year at the latest, along with the Leaving exam application, in case of the Leaving exam taken within the autumn term, the due date of submission of the expert opinion and the Leaving exam application is June 25th, which we kindly ask you to consider and schedule your appointment in advance (see How to schedule an appointment). The recommended validity of the expert opinion is 18 months following the date of issue.

To be presented at assessment session: Dotazník k PUP MZ (Dotazník pro školu – k žádosti o vypracování posudku pro uzpůsobení podmínek maturitní zkoušky) – 1) Application for adjustment of conditions of the Leaving exam, filled in and stamped by the school (usually to be obtained at school counsellor´s office and to be filled by the school counsellor in collaboration with teachers of subjects featured in the Leaving exam. The responsible teachers are usually appointed by the headmaster of the school.) 2) corrected essays, exercise books, medical reports if applicable, or any other evidence regarding difficulties which may require adjustment of conditions of the Leaving exam.