Personal data of clients

Guidance on the use of clients´ personal data according to Act No.101/2000 Coll., regarding protection of personal data

  • Purpose of processing personal data

According to the above mentioned Act, the Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling Centre of Brno is the administrator of personal data (1). Its employees collect personal data in order to be able to specify the origin of client´s difficulties. The processing of documentation is thoroughly secured to prevent its confusion or abuse.

  • Client´s rights and administrator´s obligations

The client provides personal resp. sensitive (confidential) data on voluntary basis. Provided data are processed in written resp. electronic form solely in such extent which is necessary to comply with the purpose of its provision. The client can revoke his or her consent anytime. In case of no authorization the employee must stop processing the provided data and the counselling centre is obliged to prevent any possible misuse of personal data.

Provided data will be stored during the period of provision of services to the client or until 45 years of the client´s age at the longest, resp. during period agreed with the client. Subsequently the collected data will be stored in the counselling centre´s archive in accordance with the Law on Archives once the established period has expired.

Employees of the administrator are obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding personal and sensitive (confidential) data of clients. If considered in client´s own interest, his or her data can be facilitated to other individuals exclusively based on client´s written consent.

It is client´s right to have access to his or her personal data. The administrator is obliged to provide the subject of collection of data information regarding the processed data free of charge once a year based on written application, otherwise anytime the administrator is asked to do so which can be subject to adequate charge.

In case the client detects a breach of administrator´s obligations, he or she has the right to appeal to The Office for Personal Data Protection in Prague to claim remedial measures.

After being instructed regarding client´s rights and counselling centre´s obligations regarding manipulation with personal data, the client is asked to confirm the above mentioned by signing an Informed consent with provision of counselling services and processing and storage of personal data, which the client receives from the counselling centre´s professional staff.

(1) Personal data is defined as any data providing basis for direct or indirect identification of an individual. Sensitive (confidential) data is defined as personal data indicating national, racial or ethnic origin, political beliefs, membership in political parties or movements, labour unions or other employee organizations, religion and persuasion, criminal activity, health condition or sex life.